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..from the web, that is...

  Here's the lowdown. These are movies that's I've collected over the past few years. These are not my creations, so if you are the owner/creator of the videos, let me know that you want me to yank them from my site.
   I just thought that since some of the movies aren't available on any website that I know of right now, I'd throw some on spare server space for a few weeks so you can download them if you missed the opportunity.

   The first four (I think) are from the 'Web Media' guy, who has the 'Body Magic' webpage in perpetual UNDER CONSTRUCTION status.

helene1.jpg (6461 bytes)

helene2.jpg (5912 bytes)

helene3.jpg (4639 bytes)

helene4.jpg (4980 bytes)

   Just click on the image to download the .mov file
These will be available for just a few weeks, so if you don't have them, download now!

** Note: If you cannot view the file as it's being downloaded, right click on the image and save the LINK. You will then download the file and should be able to view it with Windows Media Player or any other viewer that can play back .mov files.