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From a show of young talent from 1997 as seen on Hessen 3 Television...

Let me explain how this came about.. I received some e-mail from a gentleman from Germany recently with the MPG movie and larger images. He said he recorded them from a show on 'Hessen 3' television last year as part of coverage of young talent called the 'Euro Festival for Young Stars'.
The performers looked familiar, so I contacted Gerd Rasquin, who is a trainer of gymnasts, acrobats and contortionists in Germany. I asked for his permission to publish the images and movie and he graciously gave it. The 'Akro-Sternchen' performance was by 12 year old Violetta and 11 year old Thuy Lihn. They won the Bronze medal for their effort.
Thanks to the person who sent me the materials, and a special thanks to Gerd for allowing me to include them on my webpage! Be sure to visit 'Grassys Galaxy'!

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Samples of the movie..

Note- Its over 1300K! Long download time!


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